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Associated Urologists of Orange County

Urology Doctors specializing in Urology and Urologic Surgery.  Located in central Orange County, our Urology Associates have expertise in incontinence, bladder suspension (“bladder lift”) and urethral sling procedures, kidney stones, no needle no scalpel vasectomy, vasectomy reversal orange county, laparoscopy and laparoscopic kidney and prostate surgery, prostate diseases including prostate cancer and enlarged prostate (BPH), robotic (da Vinci) prostatectomy for prostate cancer.  Associated Urologists of Orange County strive to be the best urology doctors in the Orange County area. Urologists upholding the AUA Best Practice Guidelines.

Urology and urologic surgery, in Orange County, California. Urologist serving all of Orange County including Anaheim, Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin. Urologist accepts most major insurance including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Health Net, Medicare, United Health, and others.

The information on this site is solely for purposes of general patient education and may not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical care. Consult your own physician for evaluation and treatment of your specific condition.

1801 N Broadway, Santa Ana, California 92706

Phone: (714) 639-1915